Some Patches Work Better Than Others…

DoctorAlthough most weight loss patches work, as with everything in the world, some work better than others. This is precisely this websites role, to give people insight on the best weight loss patches in the market! I Lawrence, the owner of this website am an affiliate marketer and recommend products on this website for which I may receive remuneration. Find out more at the consumer education portal.

Unlike other websites, all patches are reviewed by real people just like you who have tried the patches out. This is done so you can be confident you are making the best choice possible for yourself.


#1 SlimWeight Patch

Slim Weight Patch ReviewThe SlimWeight Patch is the #1 patch in the market, worn by Paris Hilton and featured in the Sunday Express Newspaper on August the 8th 2010. It is the cheapest patch in the market, uses the most natural ingredients and comes with a whopping 180 day money back guarantee. Read on to see real customer reviews! (more…)


#2 Hoodia Patch

Hoodia Patch ReviewHoodia Gordonii is a small cactus, originating from the Kalahari Desert. Its main purpose is its amazing ability to suppress appetite. Hoodia can successfully suppress appetite for up to 24 hours! The Hoodia Patch is made out of 100% Hoodia Gordonii. Read on for the full review! (more…)


#3 Shape Patch

Shape Patch ReviewThe Shape Patch is another patch, claiming users can lose 2-4lb per week using their main natural ingredient Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus), a type of Seaweed. Sadly, this is the only ingredient they list on their website. Could they be trying to hide something? No one really knows. Read on for the full review! (more…)


#4 Pink Patch

Pink Patch ReviewThe Pink Patch is another weight loss patch in the market claiming users can lose a stone in just 2 weeks. Due to the lack of any clinical evidence or scientific proof to back up their claims, their adverts were promptly removed from multiple websites. Read the full review below if you want to know more. (more…)


#5 SizeZero Patch

Size Zero Patch ReviewThe SizeZero Patch is another weight loss patch in the market claiming users can lose a massive 24 pounds in just 12 days. Due to the lack of any clinical evidence or scientific proof to back up their claims, we find it hard to believe such rubbish. Read the full review below for more information. (more…)

Weight Loss Patches Compared

Can’t be bothered reading all the reviews? Then quickly refer to the comparison table below for a summary of prices, whether they have been clinically proven to backup their claims, and whether or not they are recommended.

Weight Loss Patches Compared

As you can see above, the #1 rated SlimWeight Patch is not only the cheapest in the market, but also the most effective! If you have the time, please read the full reviews as they contain REAL user reviews!