#2 Hoodia Patch

Hoodia Patch ReviewHoodia Gordonii is a small cactus, originating from the Kalahari Desert. Its main purpose is its amazing ability to suppress appetite. Hoodia can successfully suppress appetite for up to 24 hours! The Hoodia Patch is made out of 100% Hoodia Gordonii. Read on for the full review!


Each Hoodia Patch contains a whopping 40mg of 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii. It is the only Hoodia patch that we know of that contains entirely unaltered natural Hoodia. What you see is precisely what you get, with zero extras, no binders, fillers or additives, just 100% pure and organic Hoodia!

Clinical Studies

Hoodia has been clinically proven many times and has had numerous clinical trials done in the past to confirm the effectiveness of the ingredient. The outcome of these clinical trials is to prove one thing: that the Hoodia Gordonii in the Hoodia Patch is proven to work and suppress appetite. To read more about the clinical studies, feel free to check out the official website.


At under $35 per box with 30 patches plus free shipping, it is the 2nd cheapest patch in our reviews, only just behind the #1 Patch, the SlimWeight Patch, which is around $30. The demand for Hoodia Gordonii is very high, and supply is low due to the Hoodia being sourced DIRECTLY from authorized and authentic Hoodia Gordonii growers in Africa.


The Hoodia Patch comes with a massive 180 day money back guarantee! This means that if you buy the patches, use them for 6 months and don’t lose any weight, they will refund the ENTIRE cost of all 6 months worth of patches!


– 100% organically grown Hoodia Gordonii
– It works: Clinically proven to be an effective weight loss method
– Feel fuller for longer
– Risk Free: If you use it for 6 months and it doesn’t work, get an ENTIRE refund
– No scammy auto rebill free trials
– Cost Effective: The 2nd cheapest patch in our reviews
– Safe: No known side effects
– Made with top of the range manufacturing facilities
– Hoodia featured on CBS, BBC, ABC and
– Each patch packed FULL of Hoodia (40mg)
– Excellent customer service


– 12 month supply sold out due to high demand
– Results vary from person to person
– Doesn’t speed up your metabolism

Final Verdict

Is The Hoodia Patch Recommended? Yes. Because the Hoodia Patch uses only 100% natural Hoodia Gordonii and has been clinically proven to work, it receives our recommendation as a solid weight loss patch. However, you may still be interested in the #1 weight loss patch in the market, the SlimWeight Patch, as it is the most cheapest and effective patch!

Now It’s Your Turn

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2 Customer Reviews of #2 Hoodia Patch

Review by Nicole, November 12, 2010

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  • 44444
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  • 55555

Got a 1 month supply just to try it out, lost about 3 pounds so I can’t complain. It suppressed my appetite quite a bit, so it produced great results. Price is okay, but still a bit more expensive than the SlimWeight patch. Very effective, now gonna try the #1 patch instead, not to mention its cheaper too!

Review by Kyle L, December 3, 2010

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  • 44444
  • 44444
  • 55555

Fairly decent results in 1 month, lost about 3 kilograms and I felt fuller most of the time. Didn’t even go near the chips for an entire month. Ordered it before I found out about this website, so I’ll also give the SlimWeight Patch (or whatever it’s called) a try and see how it goes. 🙂

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