How Does The Hoodia Patch Work?

HoodiaPatch works a little different to other patches, in that its sole purpose is to suppress appetite only. When the patch is applied to the skin, it slowly and steadily releases gradual doses of Hoodia via the skin pores (process known as trans-dermal delivery) to the bloodstream, which sustains the effects all day long.

P-57, a naturally occurring ingredient found in Hoodia Gordonii is a molecule responsible for appetite suppression by mimicking glucose levels. When we eat we attain glucose from the food we eat. Once we have a certain level of glucose in our bodies, a particular part of our brain called the hypothalamus is sent signals that we are full.

With 5-57 false messages are delivered to the entire body, instructing the body that it doesn’t want food or water. So the bottom line is: HoodiaPatch tricks the hypothalamus element of the brain into thinking it has already eaten and is full, when in fact you have not eaten anything.

Due to Hoodia Gordonii’s powerful appetite suppression effects, the manufacturers advise sensible use of the Hoodia Patch to allow for a balanced diet so sensible weight loss can be achieved. Obviously insensible use of the patch may result in the individual not wanting to eat anything, which is NOT recommended.

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