Should I Avoid Rip Off Free Weight Loss Patch Trials?

Don’t be fooled! No one is going to give you a product for $2.95 shipping and handling! Why would they? All you will receive is constant rebilling on your credit card, which are almost impossible to cancel, unless of course, you cancel your entire credit card!

Whichever weight loss patch you buy, make sure they don’t offer free trials! If they do, run and don’t look back as they will constantly bill your credit card, even if you don’t ask for any more patches, if for some reason you don’t want anymore.

Instead look for a weight loss patch that offers a guarantee, and regular upfront payments. This assures you that if the patch won’t work for you for any reason, after a given number of days, you can receive your money back. Not to mention that a regular upfront payment ensures your credit card won’t be re-billed automatically.

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