#5 SizeZero Patch

Size Zero Patch ReviewThe SizeZero Patch is another weight loss patch in the market claiming users can lose a massive 24 pounds in just 12 days. Due to the lack of any clinical evidence or scientific proof to back up their claims, we find it hard to believe such rubbish. Read the full review below for more information.


The website doesn’t even have a basic list of ingredients used in each weight loss patch. It’s pretty hard to put something on your skin when you have no idea what is actually contained in the patch. We have no idea what was with the aversion to disclosing actual ingredients.

Clinical Studies

The SizeZero Patch website has no clinical evidence that supports the weight loss of a whopping 24 pounds from 12 patches in 12 days. Any diet supplement which claims to be able to help you lose 24lbs in 12 days without dieting or exercise should ring alarm bells for most people. If the PinkPatch advert was banned for claiming people could lose 1 stone (14 pounds) in two weeks, imagine what would happen to a SizeZero Patch advert claiming people could lose 24 pounds in only 12 days? The Size Zero patch appears to be based on hype and hype alone.


The SizeZero Patch cost a gigantic $59.95 for only 12 patches plus a minimum $6.95 shipping costs. We find this rather expensive considering the #1 rated patch in the market, the SlimWeight Patch, comes with 30 patches and costs a mere $30 with free shipping.


Their website states very vaguely that they offer a so-called lifetime ‘no risk 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee’. It’s quite astonishing to see them offer a lifetime guarantee, even though common weight loss results will probably never ever be 24 pounds in 12 days, even with exercise or dieting.


– Feel fuller for longer
– Safe: No known side effects
– Controls hunger cravings
– Lifetime guarantee


– Results vary from person to person
– Far TOO Expensive!
– Can only pay by credit card
– No discount code
– Not clinically proven to lose 24 pounds in 12 days
– They like to mislead people in their advertisements
– Claims you can lose 24 pounds in 12 days rather than lowering the hype to a moderate weight loss claim

Final Verdict

Is The SizeZero Patch Recommended? Not by us! Because the SizeZero Patch website has no mention of the ingredients used, their patch has not been clinically proven to lose 24 pounds in 12 days, and charge a massive $59.95 for a mere 12 patches, it does NOT get our recommendation. Other patches offer far better value for money than the SizeZero Patch does, such as the #1 patch in the market, the SlimWeight Patch.

3 Customer Reviews of #5 SizeZero Patch

Review by Matt, November 16, 2010

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I received an ad in the mail about a year ago and my wife decided to buy it. She used them as directed for about 2 weeks with no results other than being extremely edgy and going to the bathroom a little more often, she hasn’t lost anything despite their claim of losing 24 pounds in 12 days. I called the company to find out how it works and asked for the ingredients, the operator told me it was fucus vesiculosus extract and paullinia cupana fruit. I did a bit of research and found out that the 2 ingredients actually counter act each other, basically a caffeine enhanced laxative from what we’ve found. It’s good to do your research before you purchase since we didn’t; now that we have we feel stupid since all the information was easily available here.

Review by Shaylene Walker, January 24, 2012

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I think the only ingredient was adhesive, i bought a lot of them too and they said not one person was unsatisfied. Lies. I hate this product.

Review by Kim in Denver, April 25, 2012

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The size zero patches seem to have the same ingredients as all others: Fucus, Guarana, Zinc, 5-htp, all except chromium. This one also has flaxseed, zinc and l-carnitine. I ordered some and am just now trying them. Been to the bathroom alot on the first day and had some wild dreams after applying the first patch last night. But they seem to boost energy and suppress appetite. I mailed in a check for the patches – didn’t give a credit card. Will update my progress as time goes by. The others say to apply to the tummy but these say apply to arms, thighs, back or shoulders – one each 6 days in a different spot then one day off patch. They are peachy colored – blend easily. Looking forward to seeing results.

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